Roof Leak

Roof Leak

Roof Leak

Are you uncertain about filing a roof leak claim? There are several factors to consider in determining the cause of the damage. Was it due to a lightning strike or did a tree fall on it? Was wind damage a factor, or was it caused by a hurricane? Is there a visible hole or opening in your roof that water is passing through? Are tiles or shingles missing?

It’s essential to understand these details when dealing with insurance companies to determine whether your claim will be approved, denied, or if your roof will be repaired or replaced. Regardless, when your roof leaks, water can cause significant damage to your home. To prevent further damage, it’s wise to consider using roof tarps to protect your property.

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Roof leaks can lead to water seeping into the structure of your home, damaging ceilings, walls, furnishings, cabinetry, and personal items. In most situations, your homeowner’s insurance should cover such damages. To maximize the potential for a favorable outcome, it’s crucial to have a licensed public adjuster assess the extent and impact of the damage.

Reach out to Aviva Insurance Adjusters via phone or check out our Facebook page. Our team will expertly evaluate your roof, inspect any interior damage to your home or business, calculate the full cost of restoration, and submit the necessary documentation to your insurance company on your behalf.

You have the option to rely on your insurance company’s adjuster, or you can choose an independent adjuster who prioritizes your best interests. Which option sounds more appealing?

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