About Aviva Insurance Adjusters

About Aviva Insurance Adjusters

Jose Villacis, Founder

Jose Villacis, a licensed Insurance Adjuster (Lic. P110421) and founder of Aviva Insurance Adjusters, Corp., has been specializing in insurance claims since 2007. Based in Florida, his firm is dedicated to handling residential and commercial first-party insurance claims on behalf of homeowners and business owners.

In the words of Mr. Villacis: “We have trust in people and we fight for our clients against unjust insurance companies and their practices.”

With extensive experience in adjusting various claims, Jose Villacis has developed a deep understanding of insurance policy regulations pertaining to homes, condos, and businesses, excelling at securing maximum payouts for his clients. Our objective is to achieve the highest possible settlement with your insurance company while ensuring an outstanding client experience.

As a licensed public insurance adjuster, Mr. Villacis has been advocating for consumers in their battles against insurance companies since 2007. He became an insurance adjuster after witnessing the misuse of power by property insurance companies, which often results in unfair claim handling. His aim is to assist people through this exhausting process, and he works passionately while enjoying his profession.

As a certified Windstorm Network Appraiser and Umpire, he utilizes his expertise to facilitate the claim resolution process when parties struggle to reach an agreement, employing an impartial and unbiased approach.

Jose Villacis

Education / Timeline


Broward Community College

Broward County, FL, Public Adjuster; Mar 2007


Miami Dade College Medical Campus

Miami FL, AS in Clinical Laboratory Science; July 2010


Florida International University

Pursuit in BS in Biology 2013


Aviva Insurance Adjuster, Corp 

Aviva Insurance Adjusters Opens; June 2022


Windstorm Appraisal Certification

Orlando FL, Appraisal Certificate Achievement ; January 2023


Windstorm Umpire Certification

Orlando FL, Umpire Certificate Achievement ; January 2023