Residential and Commercial Claims

residential or commercial

Residential and Commercial Claims

Here are Aviva Insurances adjusters our office handles both residential and commercial claims. Whether its a home, a rental property or a business that you own, complete restoration is what you need. We have handled apartment complexes, strip malls, restaurants, hotels, and a small factory. 

In every case, it is important that your public adjuster has a thorough and complete understanding of materials and construction process, in order to have any degree of success in the settlement of these types of claims.

Residential and Commercial claim handling is our specialty

Our office works for you to maximize and settle either your residential insurance or commercial claims. Let us handle your tough insurance claim because these things can be tough and very complicated. Remember, your insurance company is required to settle your claim fully and fairly to bring you back to pre-claim status. Your home or commercial property should be put back to the way it was before the damage occurred. In other words, the purpose of your insurance contract is to “make you whole again“, as if the incident never happened. 

This is accomplished by carefully calculating the damages and losses, determining what is covered and what is not, and then negotiating the best and highest settlement with your insurance company.

Preparation and Strategy are Your Keys to Success

Proper claim handling means mitigation or protection of your property from further damage, getting an accurate estimate of damages, properly filing the estimate and paperwork to the right person. Staying on top of the insurance company adjuster so you won’t fall through the cracks or have your claim delayed. Proper communication with you, the client, is one of my specialties, to keep you up to date with the claim status.

Contact Us or Call our office if you have suffered either a residential or commercial property loss. There are certain time restraints, so don’t delay.

For residential or commercial claims call Jose Villacis 877-351-1933