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Testing for Mold - The Process Explained

The process of testing for mold involves collecting air samples and swabs from inside and outside your home and comparing them. Samples should be gathered from any area where mold is suspected, and then sent to a neutral laboratory for analysis. Based on the results, the tester or assessor will determine the type of mold present and whether it is toxic or present at elevated levels. If needed, they will provide recommendations for remediation. Get the answers you need by speaking with us about mold testing today.

Leave Mold Testing and Remediation to the Experts

Mold testing and removal should only be conducted by licensed and trained professionals. Attempting to handle mold contamination on your own can be hazardous, and it’s important to understand that mold remediation requires specialized techniques, equipment, and protective gear. Disturbing mold can release dangerous fragments into the air, so it’s crucial to take swift action if you suspect its presence in your home.

Mold growth is a sign of a water source, and it can quickly spread and become costly to remediate. Don’t ignore mold or try to handle it yourself. Let Aviva Insurance Adjusters handle your mold damage claims and ensure that your home or business is safe and healthy again. We have experience handling claims for mold damage, and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Mold in your home is DANGEROUS. Don’t Ignore it!

Mold in your home can have severe consequences, including reducing the value of your property, producing unpleasant odors, making it difficult or even impossible to sell or secure a mortgage, and even rendering it uninsurable. Most concerning of all, mold can pose serious health risks. Don’t ignore the signs of mold in your home. Contact us today for a complimentary mold consultation at 877-351-1933 and let us help you navigate the insurance process. We’re here to fight for you and ensure your home is safe and healthy again.

1. Mold devalues your property.
2. Mold creates unpleasant odors.
3. Mold may make it difficult to sell your home.
4. Mold may prevent you from obtaining a mortgage.
5. Mold can render your home uninsurable.
6. Mold poses serious health risks.

Understanding Mold

Mold is a ubiquitous presence in the environment and air. While it is virtually impossible to eliminate it completely, it becomes a problem when colonies overgrow. Mold requires water, nutrition, a suitable surface, and the right temperature to grow and thrive, which is why mold damage is a common issue in Florida’s humid tropical climate.

Water sources for mold growth can include humidity, leaks from pipes or other sources, condensation, or poor ventilation. Mold can also find nutrition in sources like dead skin cells, dust, wood, paper, or sheetrock. Any surface can be a potential location for mold growth, and once it takes hold, mold fragments can easily become airborne and spread to other parts of your home, potentially causing health problems. Protect yourself and your property by seeking help from professionals. This is from Healthline.

The Effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide in Killing Mold

“Research has found hydrogen peroxide has the potential to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold spores. When applied to these microorganisms, hydrogen peroxide kills them by breaking down their essential components like their proteins and DNA .Feb 4, 2021″

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